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Hoang Phat Fruit exports 18 tons of Keo mangoes from An Phu district, An Giang province to South Korea market

Wednesday, 27/03/2024, 09:20 GMT+7

     Continuing the event on February 19 March 27, in Long Binh commune, Hoang Phat Fruit Company Limited accompanied the export of a batch of Keo mangoes to Korea and, at the same time, signed a memorandum of understanding to coordinate and deploy support for farmers in the production, association, and consumption of Keo mangoes. The People's Committee of An Phu district, An Giang province, organized the announcement ceremony, coordinated with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of An Giang province.

    This critical event promotes Keo mangoes' combined production, linkage, and consumption. Mainly exporting to markets with high competitive advantages through technical support to increase productivity and quality of mango products, linking production and consumption of mangoes along the value chain is one of the top priorities in promoting and creating added value for products, developing trust in cooperatives and farmers with Long Binh Agricultural Cooperative.

Ceremony announcing the export of the first batch of Keo mangoes to Korea

Ceremony announcing the export of the first batch of Keo mangoes to Korea

    Hoang Phat Fruit Company Limited signed a consumption contract with Long Binh Agricultural Cooperative for 18 tons of Keo mangoes exported this time to the Korean market; at the same time, linked with An Giang Fruit and Vegetable Food Joint Stock Company (ANTESCO) in creating a Keo mango raw material area for processing.

The signing of a memorandum of understanding between Long Binh Agricultural Cooperative and Hoang Phat Fruit Company Limited

The signing of a memorandum of understanding between Long Binh Agricultural Cooperative and Hoang Phat Fruit Company Limited.

    According to the People's Committee of An Phu district, currently, the total fruit tree area in the district is more than 2,000 hectares, of which the mango production area is about 1,860 hectares, accounting for over 90% of the district's fruit tree area, concentrated mainly in communes: Khanh Binh, Khanh An, Phu Huu and Long Binh town, with an output of over 55,000 tons/year. Among them, the Keo mango tree has over 300 hectares and grows strongly yearly..

    Currently, the mango production area, according to the company's standards, reaches over 600 hectares, including 61 growing area codes and Keo mango growing area according to GlobalGAP standards with an area of 365 hectares in Phu Huu commune and Khanh An commune. In particular, the Keo mango product of Long Binh Agricultural Cooperative has been recognized as receiving a 3-star "OCOP Product" certification from 2021 to the present.


    In order for An Phu district's mangoes to be exported to demanding markets such as the US, Australia, and Korea... and to conquer other demanding markets in the world, local authorities, businesses, and cooperation The cooperative and the people have made great efforts through a process of more than 10 years of arduous and challenging negotiations. Mangoes must strictly ensure the strict requirements of partners, such as pesticide content, harmful insects, traceability, and irradiation.

    Excited when the Cooperative's first batch of mangoes was exported to Korea, Mr. Huynh Thanh Minh, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director of Long Binh Agricultural Cooperative, said: "Our Cooperative is looking forward to this event very much. A long time ago, we just sold it, and it's of good quality, and the price is negotiable. We are delighted with this price. Through this event, I highly appreciate the success and expectations of people. This event contributes to helping people have the motivation to produce better quality products and increase product quantity."


    On the side of Hoang Phat Fruit enterprise, Ms. Nguyen Nam Phuong Thao, the business manager, also emphasized maintaining and developing sustainable cooperative relationships with all domestic and foreign partners, suppliers, and customers. In order to create favorable conditions to promote the economy, agricultural production in the area is increasingly developing strongly. She believes that the combination of production capacity, product quality, and good after-sales service will help continue to grow and expand export markets not only in the Korean market but also bring Keo mangoes of An Giang province to many other countries worldwide.

    Through this event, in the coming time, the Hoang Phat Fruit and People's Committee of An Phu district will continue to create a favorable environment and have policies to support businesses, organizations, and people in producing, processing, and trading mango products. Promote support for building stable raw material areas, develop sustainable value chain links, continue to promote existing production areas, and speed up the process of granting codes to remaining growing areas to increase production exports in the near future.