The ideal source of fiber: a human meal cannot lack an important ingredient, which is fiber. One medium-sized mango provides about 3 g of fiber.

R2E2 mango, also known as Australian mango, is a new mango variety introduced recently into Vietnam. It was selected in 1982 from a sapling of the American Florida Kent variety, and named after the row and location of the original plant at the Australian Department of Agriculture and Fisheries - Bowen Research Facility.

Keo Mango is a tropical fruit familiar to the vast majority of people. During annual high seasons, Acacia mangoes can be easily seen on sale from supermarkets, shops to street stalls everywhere.

Cat Chu mango is a type of mango that is especially popular in international markets. In the past, the Nguyen kings also loved to eat Mango Cat Chu, so this mango was also called Mango Tien King.

Elephant Mango is no longer a strange name to Vietnamese people and is a favorite and easy-to-grow mango variety in many provinces across the country, especially in Binh Dinh.