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Hoang Phat Fruit exports flat-seeded mangoes from An Giang province to the Korean market linked along the value chain

Monday, 19/02/2024, 11:54 GMT+7

On the morning of February 19, in Binh Phuoc Xuan commune, Hoang Phat Fruit Co., Ltd. accompanied the export of a batch of flat-seeded mangoes to Korea and linked the production and consumption of mangoes along the value chain. The announcement ceremony was held by the Department of An Giang Agriculture and Rural Development coordinates with Cho Moi District People's Committee.

This is an important event to promote production and consumption of mango products along the value chain. Especially exporting to markets with high competitive advantages, through signing contracts to consume and supply input materials, and pay at the end of the season, creating trust for cooperatives and farmers. for Cu Lao Gieng GAP Cooperative.

Deputy Department of Cooperative Economics and Rural Development (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) Huynh Kim Dinh; Deputy Director of Post-import Plant Quarantine Center 2 - Plant Protection Department Le Thi Dieu Xuan; Vice Chairman of An Giang Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thi Minh Thuy attended.

 Signing a memorandum of understanding between GAP Cu Lao Gieng Cooperative with Hoang Phat Fruit Company Limited and Tin Tam Investment and Trade Development Company Limited.

At the ceremony, it was announced to export 13 tons of flat-seeded mangoes from Cho Moi district to the Korean market. At the same time, the signing ceremony of the Mango Consumption Contract (green-skinned mango (large fruit), flat-seeded mango (small fruit)) took place between GAP Cu Lao Gieng Cooperative and Hoang Phat Fruit Company Limited. GAP Cu Lao Gieng Cooperative signed an Entrustment Contract from Tin Tam Investment and Trade Development Company Limited to provide agricultural materials to Cooperative members for production and collect money for materials at the end of the season.

Speaking at the ceremony, Vice Chairman of An Giang Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thi Minh Thuy praised the dynamic and creative spirit of the Party Committee, government and people of Cho Moi district, and the companionship and support of international organizations. International, businesses and farmers in building a chain of mango products exported to the Korean market and advanced countries. The Provincial People's Committee will always create favorable conditions to support businesses and farmers in building stable mango raw material areas, promoting the sustainable development of the mango value chain in the coming time.

Vice Chairman of An Giang Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thi Minh Thuy emphasized: In order for the province's mangoes to be exported to difficult markets such as the US, Australia, Korea and conquer other difficult markets in the world, it is an effort. , the great effort of the party committees, local authorities, businesses, especially the Cooperatives and farmers of Cho Moi district, is a process of more than 10 years of arduous and challenging negotiations. An Giang is very happy and proud that Cho Moi has green-skinned mango products exported to the US and Australian markets at the beginning of 2024. And now that joy is multiplied when Cho Moi continues to have mango shipments. Flat seeds are exported to the Korean market. Thereby, it is recommended that departments, branches and branches of the province and Cho Moi district continue to develop high-quality mango areas, build a sustainable production and export chain, and meet the demand for high-quality mango export in the coming time.


Speech by representative of Hoang Phat Fruit company during the announcement ceremony.



 Regarding Hoang Phat Fruit enterprise, Ms. Nguyen Nam Phuong Thao, Sales Director also emphasized on maintaining and developing sustainable cooperative relationships with all partners, suppliers and customers in and abroad. In order to create favorable conditions to promote the economy, agricultural production in the area is increasingly developing strongly. She believes that the combination of production capacity, product quality and good after-sales service will help continue to develop and expand the export market not only to the Korean market, but also to bring Cat mangoes. Lep County of An Giang province to many other countries around the world.

According to the business's assessment, when exported, flat-seeded mangos will definitely bring many times and stable profits to Vietnam for farmers in Cho Moi district, An Giang.